Monday, September 8, 2008

Avery hits 3 lbs!!

Well...we always knew it would happen...but we had to have a little celebration tonight! It's official, at the weigh-in tonight, our little Avery Ann broke the 3 lb. barrier!! To keep perspective, you've got to go pick something up thats about 3 lbs...and you'll just have a little laugh!! But, we're so happy. Since going back on the fortifier, she's been gaining about an ounce a day. Keep those prayers coming...we have no doubt that that is one of the major factors in her success.

As a note of comic relief... we got a call this week from a number we didn't recognize, so Steph let it go to voice-mail. When she checked it, she started laughing so hard, I couldn't imagine who it was or what was so funny about the message. She let me listen to it...and we both had a good laugh. Here's pretty much what the message said:
"Hi Stephanie, this is Dr. ______'s office (her OB/GYN) calling. It looks like the last time you were in our office was July 31st, so we haven't seen you for your most recent appointment. Please give us a call so that we can have you in for your next check up as soon as possible."
Haha... apparently no one noted in Steph's chart that we left that July 31st appointment and went straight to the hospital, and were rushed up to another hospital to have the baby the next day. We should just schedule that appointment, and show up for it as usual... can you imagine the looks on the nurses faces when a "36 week" Steph comes in for one of her final pre-natal visits!!
Thanks for the comic relief ladies :)


Heather said...

I forgot to mention that Alan was not only born 13 weeks premature, but he also was born with gastrostesis - a condition that left his bowels outside of his body, so that has complicated things. Aren't these little miracles' hearts so inspiring?

Amanda Green Englund said...

oh my, that's hilarious.

Allie, Jared, and Zack said...

YEAH, YEAH, and YEAH!!! This was such a happy day for us when Zack hit 3 pounds, so it's great to celebrate this with you!
Hope you guys are still doing ok and hanging in there. You know where to find us if you need us... any time of the day or night!!

JeffKathnkids said...

Avery...we are so happy you are getting so chunky:)
Steph...youHAVE to go in tovyour appointment..HA HA I would laugh so hard..
Ryan you are way too funny... I look forward to your fun you all long time!