Thursday, September 11, 2008

Look out...she means business!!

Hold on to your hats for this folks...she's found the bottom of her lungs :)


Brady and Taryn said...

Oh my gosh! We are loving this video and missing our cute little niece. We have to get up there and see her! She sure sounds (and looks) healthy :)

Katie said...

Wow! She does mean business. What a set of lungs on that girl :) Lucky You Guys

Amanda Green Englund said...

Oh crap. She's just like her mom. Watch out folks. She's going to keep you on your toes FOR-E-VER.

Anika said...

Hi guys! Ok, normally if I start looking at a clip over like 30 secs., I, I'm not watching all of this. But, I've got to tell you I couldn't STOP watching her. She is absolutely gorgeous and I loved hearing her telling you guys all about it.

I can't get over that the soothie is as big as she is - Cy has them and they are SO small!

So cute, thanks for all the posting and updating. Take care!