Friday, September 19, 2008

Help Steph Win!!! Vote for Steph! #26

Okay... so you all have to help me out here. I entered Steph into a radio contest and we need as many votes as we can for her to win. I sent in a picture of her pregnant, and she's one of 200 finalists. Her picture is #26.

So, everyone, go to this link Click here for the contest!... you can look at the pictures (like I said, she's #26)... then click on the link that says "vote now"...and vote for #26... they'll send you an email to confirm the vote.

It says that there is only one vote per computer... but then also one per, I'm not sure how it works exactly...but pass this on to everyone...i mean EVERYONE you know :) and get them to vote. If you're on campus in a lab...or at a place with a bunch of computers...go on and invite them to vote too!! (If you have more than one person using the same computer, you'll need to empty your browser's history/cache..thenit will let you vote multiple times on the same if you have more than one person around, you don't actually have to switch computers, if you can't find another one...just try again the next day or two...??)

With the tonsillectomy and everything Steph's gone through lately, winning this would be a fun little bright spot!

I'll keep you posted on the's on until Sept. 26th

Click here to vote for Steph!

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mandy h. said...

Okay, I voted!! That is a FANTASTIC picture of Stephanie!! Bruce is going to vote on his computer at work tomorrow. Good luck!! Yours is the best one on there...and I'm not just saying really is. Some of them are super scary...entries 22, for example. yikes.