Saturday, August 30, 2008

Caption Contest..., here's a little something new. I know that not everyone comes on here to read my long-winded blabberings about our little adventure...I know there are some of you out there who just skim through the blogs for the pictures (my wife, Stephanie openly admits to this guys probably also just go through and pick out all the marshmellows in the Lucky Charms boxes too...don't you!!)...

In any case, for those of you who don't know me...I take tons of family has learned to put up with me...and even the NICU nurses have just come to accept that when Avery's mom comes to visit, she brings along the paparrazi..

So, looking through all my pictures that we've got of Avery so far... I won't even tell you how many there are :)... I always just make captions of them in my head. I figured it would be funny to hear what everyone else would come up, I'm going to start posting a picture here and there, and everyone can comment on what they think would be a good caption. It can be funny, or thought provoking, or just fitting. And if anyone can think of a prize we could give...I'm all ears (Avery does happen to have more food storage in the freezer than we even do right now...but I don't think that would be an appealing prize for anyone who has graduated to solid foods...)

So, here are 3 pics, you can comment with your ideas for captions, just label them 1,2 or 3...





Sherrie D said...

#1 I'm Thiiiiiiiiiiissssssss big

#2 Bigger than a dollar bill, eh? I'll show you bigger than a dollar bill about the time I'm outa here and can go to the mall. You'll wish you still had that dollar bill . . .

#3 Perfect!

Brock and Jennie said...

#1 - My life has been quite a roller coaster so far.

Brady and Taryn said...

Officer: "put em up Avery, we've got your prints all over the crimescene"
Avery: "No officer, I swear it wansnt me, Ive been in my room this whole time!!" (the secret life of Avery Ann, when no one is watching... ;)

"Ok, Ill give you another chance. This time, when I roll over, there better at least be a $5!"

"Da dA da Daaaaaa da na na... Avery Hansen in, Golden Eye..."

jeff and kath said...

#1 "when you're up you're up."

#2. "I'm just a bill, yes I'm only a bill, and I'm sitting here on Avery's hill. Well it's a long long way to Salt Lake City....

#3 "Here I am, signed,sealed,delivered I'm yours!"..

Jen said...

#1 Woo Hoo

#2 So small yet worth so much

#3 Footprint to my heart

did i win? I tried to make the last one as cheesy as i could but its pretty true, you see that foot and it melts your heart! :) ry, you are such a good picture taker, keep it up! we're still upset we didn't take advantage of your (and steph's) photography skills while we were in Utah.

Marcie said...

#2 Million-dollar Baby (Except a happier ending)
#3 First Trailer for the 2008 James Bond movie

The Wheeler 5 said...

i just had to laugh about avery's food supply. while the twins were in the hospital we ran out of freezer space, so we went to ford's meat locker and rented a deep freeze locker. i felt so silly walking over there with my bag full of milk while there was a deer or a pig laying out on the table! after that i made russ take and get my milk, poor guy!

Tom & Allie said...

#1 - Avery the Ringleader: Teaching all the other babies in NICU how to do the wave...
"You can help me shave my armspits!" (Billy Madison)

#2 - Our first "Spat!"
Avery: "I won't say it again! I'm not coming out of this incubator until I see some Benjamins!"

#3 - Our little 007