Wednesday, August 13, 2008

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My mother-in-law just brought me an article from the front page of the Deseret News about some of the greatest people we have met lately. I don't think we had been in the NICU for more than a day, with questions beginning to pile up about how we were going to handle this new challenge before we met Stacy Govea. For questions about our baby's health, the nurses answered our questions... for questions about everything else...we were told multiple times by multiple people, "Oh, just wait till you meet Stacy...she'll love to talk to you about that!"

When we did meet Stacy, we were shocked to find out that she was the hip lady we had seen around the hospital already. When she told us she was not only the mother of the twins in the NICU, but also of three other kids back in Kansas, we were shocked again. Her friendly personality was absolutely sunshine in our cloudy skies.

It didn't take long before it was clear why even the nurses referred us to Stacy...she is honestly one of the most amazing people we've met. She is the best example of making the best of a tough situation. We thought that we had it tough living 45 minutes away from the hospital...She's from Kansas!! And she has been here since April! And yet, there is no one more upbeat, more positive, and yet realistic and relatable in the entire NICU.

So many times we have gathered hope and encouragement from conversations with Stacy; Stephanie made the Mary's (her girls are Mary Ellen and Mary Elizabeth) her personal rays of hope...because those girls were even smaller than Avery at birth, and now they are the cutest, chubby babies. Watching Stacy rock her girls, and talking to her about getting through the ups and downs of the road ahead of us has been one of the greatest blessings for us in our first few days in the NICU.

When Avery "graduated" up to the next room in the NICU...we weren't only excited because she was doing so well... but we also got to be next door neighbors with Stacy and the girls! The other day, they took pictures of the girls with little angel onesies.... which is very appropriate, because all three Govea ladies that we know have been angels for us.

The other day, we came in and heard that Stacy was back in Kansas... kind of a bummer for us... but this super mom was back there helping her other 3 kids school-shop!! I can't imagine how she and her great husband Bo are doing this. She told me after a good conversation about how to make it through the NICU as a couple that it's been so good for the family...and especially her and Bo "We're like a rock now!"...

Just yesterday we got the news that Stacy went home with Ellen...which is awesome...but they have been having trouble all along figuring out how to get Elizabeth home, because she's not completely machine-free. It's just flat-out too expensive to get her back home with her family in Kansas.

I just wanted to put our two cents in and encourage people to help gather donations for the Goveas and keep this sweet family together. They have been going through this since's time that all 7 of them were together!!One of the first days, we joked about these little Kansas girls...and "no place like home"... Let's get them some ruby slippers and get them back to Kansas! Even if it's just a small amount, mail something to:
Govea Family Fund
c/o Bank of America
8440 West 135th St.
Overland Park, KS 66223

Forward this to any friends or family you know who could help.


Brock and Jennie said...

I am so glad to hear that everything is going so well again. I really enjoy reading your posts, and staying updated. I have a silly question, my kids' pediatrician, and all the books say not to have babies lie on their stomachs until they can support themselves (SIDS), and yet, in all of the pictures of Avery, she is on her stomach. Is it just because she is being monitored every second, or is there more to it? Just curious. You can respond on my blog -

brossettelewis said...

Sorry, i've stalked the whole blog. I love ST M NICU babies.

I wonder how many of us have blogged about the Govea family going home today. :)

I'm glad your little one is doing well. The ST M NICU is amazing isn't it. (ok, I have a special place in my heart for the whole Women's Pavillion). I think every NICU daddy sees the pump as bull horns and makes bets on which will win (I'm glad it's entertaining). I'm not sure if you are aware but most insurances cover a Medela PIS for NICU babies/mom for home. Sometimes it takes a while for those tiny mouths to transition to mommy after going home.

I hope things continue to go smoothy and you can all go home soon (that will be scary ... taking her in the enormous car seat with no monitors to your quiet house with no nurses). It gets easier. :)