Wednesday, August 20, 2008

You Know You're a NICU Parent if: (pt 2.)

There was a lot of positive response to my sarcastic musings last I figured I would make it an ongoing thing as they came to me... you're all still welcome to send me your additions to the list:

You know you’re a NICU parent if:

-your child bundles up like an Eskimo every time you come to hold her
-your child’s foot could guide Santa’s sleigh any foggy Christmas Eve
-you have a tendency to jam your knee into the cupboards at home trying to turn on the water to wash your hands
-you have scolded your child for having too low oxygen saturation or heart rate
-you sweat bullets when you change your child’s Kleenex sized diaper
-you look forward to the night that your baby’s cries wake you up
-you find yourself wondering if it’s petty to hope your child doesn’t develop a toaster-head, when it’s a miracle she’s even breathing!
-you see pictures of friends taking their kids to Build-a-Bear…and you think you’ve spotted a good Halloween costume for your baby
-you can tell when a picture of your child was taken based on the color of bedding
-you find out about cluster care the nurses are doing with your child, to avoid too much interruption, and wished your parents would have taken the same approach with you as a teenager
-people ask you if your child will need to pass a car-seat test to be able to come home, and you just smile as a picture comes into your mind of your baby and 4 of her friends from the NICU all sharing the same car-seat.
-you have a running game of “steal-the chair” with one or more nurses/respiratory therapists
-you have see angels wearing scrubs, and have looked through the windows of heaven by peering through the glass of an isolet


Allie, Jared, and Zack said...

Seriously! I am laughing out loud right now. You nailed it on the head! I think my favorite one was the one about washing your hands at home... You guys are my favorites!! said...

I cant wait to meet my little buddy Avery. I hope all is going well. I have never had the NICU experience, but I laugh at your "you know you are a NICU parent if......s. I do the knee smash from work, or put my hands under a faucet for a few minutes and wonder why it's broken before realizing it doesn't automatically turn on.

Auntie Kath

Brady and Taryn said...

hahaha!! great list!
how about: if you looked at the da vinci sleep schedule and got jealous :)
ps...we just saw that crying video of avery and it was just about the cutest thing ever. you need to patent that as the new voice of all baby dolls!! youll be millionaires! (i only charge a 10% finders fee)

Garrett-Ashley & our Peanuts said...

Steph- I love reading your family posts. They are always extremely happy and positive, and you keep all of us in check on what REALLY is important. Your little Avery is gorgous and I loved the video of her. Keep up the hard work.

K&L said...

Hey guys! I've loved catching up and checking in on your blog and how sweet little Avery is doing. She's a fighter! And give me a break... that little squeaky cry is precious!!!! Your little fam is in our thoughts and prayers.
xo Kyle and Lindsay