Thursday, August 7, 2008

Pretty in Pink

The nurses down in the NICU make us feel so great every time we go down there. They always say how much they love taking care of our little angel...that she's a fighter and got all sorts of spunk and really gives them a run for their money when changing her and getting her vitals, but they like that. They say "Sick babies just lay there... the healthy ones fight us" And never fail, all of our visitors, and the nurses who know us now all make comments on how knowing the parents, they know where she gets it from!

The Nurses are all so good at dressing our little girl up and giving her cute little blankets to coordinate. When we went down to visit yesterday, she had a new pink bow with polka dots... and mom was wearing a pink hoody to match! We can't wait to dress Avery up in all the cute outfits you all have been so great to give her... for now, it's a diaper the size of a big band-aid, and a fancy bow :)

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