Thursday, August 14, 2008

How's your kid?

Haha... i just had a friend from our old ward ask me: How's your kid? So, I just dialed up the Avery Ann hotline and checked with the nurse. For those of you who don't know, included in the expensive daycare at the luxury spa is a service where you can call up anytime and get a run-down of how your little squirt is doing. It has actually been the greatest of comforts to be able to call and find out if that freak-out feeling that came to you in the middle of the night meant that there was something wrong- or that you should stop eating spicy foods late in the evening!

Avery is a champ. She's doing better again now that they got her off that milk fortifier. Her stomach went right down, and she's been doing well back on the gatorade mix. She actually gained another ounce, so that makes her 2 lbs 3 oz and keeps soaking her diapers :) Our favorite part is that they took everything off her face...she's not on oxygen anyway, and she doesn't need the feeding tube for a couple days. It was such a treat for us to see our sweet little girl's face! You can see pictures in the last slide show. You can also see that she loves doing the little bug thing:)You really just want to curl up next to her!

She graduated back up to the next room again (she was demoted when she got her tummy issues... but we're back)- so we're excited, because we're neighbors with our friends, the Forsyths, again...their son Zack and Avery have been betrothed by the nurses :) Their blog is under Allie and Jared on the right side of this page. It's so nice for us parents, because Avery and Zack are similar size and age, and Steph and Allie went through some of the same crazy times having babies. And of course, Jared and I have that same dazed look that fathers/husbands get when you go through things together. So basically we have our own little support group going on!

Thanks again to everyone for your love, support, texts, posts, emails and everything! We love hearing your stories, and love knowing of all the prayers that are carrying us along. Thanks to everyone who keeps offering help, and just know that we will definitely take you up on that offer when things come up! Here's one: make those stupid gas prices come down!! It's a long drive up there :) But seriously, you all are great... we look forward to taking each of you us on your offers for soon as we figure out what we need!


Brandy and Doug said...

It was so exciting to see her without all the tubes!! I love it! When we got to see my neice without them it was such a special treat!! They are so cute! She is doing a great job with gaining weight! Girls are fighters! Go Avery Go!

Allie, Jared, and Zack said...

We are so glad that we are neighbor's again!!! Zack's nurse last night, Ken, said that it was his idea originally that Avery and Zack are going to be boyfriend and girlfriend!! So he wants credit for it! :>

Lindsey said...

Little Avery sounds so wonderful! Sounds like she has such a strong will. You two look wonderful and we will continue to keep your family in our prayers!

Claire said...

I wish you all the best! Obviously, you and sweet Avery have been through a lot so I don't know exactly what to say. You guys are great, and I'm excited for Avery's progress to continue.