Sunday, August 17, 2008

Slide Shows

Some people have asked... so I wanted to say that if you just see an advertisement instead of our pictures, it means that the slide show has already run through. Just click the little "x" on the top right hand corner of the picture box...and it will show our pics again :)


Annette said...

Ryan, Stephanie & Avery ~ What a wonderful way to peek into your busy lives. I know you are all going through so much lately and we are certainly keeping you ALL in our thoughts, hearts and prayers! Keep strong ~ WE LOVE YOU! Love, Aunt Annette & Uncle Michael

Annette said...

Ryan, Stephanie & Avery ~ I loved peeking into your busy lives through your special family blogsite ~ Thank you! We continue to be amazed and very grateful at Avery's progress. This has certainly been an interesting chapter in your family and we are keeping you in our thoughts, hearts and prayers! Keep happy, healthy and strong! Love always, Aunt Annette & Uncle Michael!

The Bonham Family said...

Steph- It's Jen McRae! Oh how sweet your little angel is! It made me so teary reading about her entry into the world! What a fighter! You look fantastic! I had not even heard you were pregnant! Im glad I got to see just pictures of you but still!! I would love to help in anyway. I hope your doing great! You look beautiful!